Explain how some will not die until they see the kingdom of God.

Caller: Hi there! I have a question about Luke 9 verse 27 where Jesus is answering, He's talking to His disciples I guess and He says I tell you the truth some of you who are standing here will not taste death before you see the Kingdom of God. What is referred to the Kingdom of God? Is that when Jesus will rise from the dead?

Pastor Doug: No - you know what's really interesting Holly and I'm glad you asked that question - not only Luke 9:27, but in Mark chapter 9 and I think it's also in Matthew 18, all three of these Gospels have this story. Christ makes this statement and then it says a few days later, it says 8 days in Luke, it says 6 days in Matthew and Mark He takes them up a mountain.

He makes this statement and then He takes them up a mountain. They get a miniature picture of the Second Coming. They see Moses, who was resurrected. They see Elijah, who was translated - they represent the Law and the Prophets. God the Father is there, Jesus is glorified and He's in the clouds as He will be when He comes. They were given a miniature picture of the Second Coming, a preview.

Caller: Oh.

Pastor Doug: And that's what He meant when He said some of you aren't going to die until you see the Kingdom of God I'm going to give you a picture of the Kingdom. And that's exactly what happened. Immediately after that statement, it goes into the narrative of the Mount of Transfiguration.

Caller: Oh great! Well thank you very much. I appreciate that!

Pastor Doug: Okay thank you.